Day 76 | 12th June

Cheese and Bean Enchiladas

The end of to the Mexican Week with Cheese and Bean Enchiladas. The recipe was super simple and the Enchilada sauce was amazing – saved the leftover sauce to use as a dip!. Also, ended up celebrating the successful defense of my dissertation prospectus!

Recipe inspired by the NYT Cooking.

Midnight Chocolate Cake

While reading Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, a recipe that lingered on my mind was this cake where Samin Nosrat compares the use of oil (for moist cakes) versus butter (rich flavor). Ever since, I nagged V into making it I have fallen in love with this cake. The occasion was perfect too – our friend S’s birthday. Well, we couldn’t get a photo of the whole cake, since it had been demolished to this within seconds.

Recipe inspired by the Cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.

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