Day 84 | 20th June

Jackfruit and Potato Biryani, Kachumbar Salad and Raita

At the Indian store, we were surprised to find some frozen Indian vegetables that I have never seen outside of India – parwal, kathal, kakdi. Looking at kathal (jackfruit), I was reminded of the time V’s mother had made it home once so I knew this was going to be theme for the day. The added benefit of using frozen kathal is that you don’t have wear protective gear while cutting it, so that was fairly simple. We added potatoes since it was lying around. It was amazing for a farewell dinner picnic with friends who were planning to abandon us to quarantine elsewhere. The cherry on the cake of this picnic was the little three year old exclaiming that she loved the rice. I was quite anxious that she might find it spicy but the raita came to the rescue.

Recipe inspired by the Cookbook “Persiana” and and Shan Biryani Masala.

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