Day 85 | 21st June

French Lentils and Quinoa Salad with Lemon and Sumac

Typically V and I are not a big fan of salads. Being a desi, I am always left craving for more, in need of carbohydrates. Since the temperature was rising, I pushed myself into a salad week; develop the taste and appetite for it. And to our surprise, we really enjoyed it and the week of salads was sustained (as you will see in my later posts). This was probably also my first time cooking quinoa. What I really enjoyed about this salad week was not just the lighter meals, but also cooking some grains and lentils that have never made it to my kitchen.

Recipe taken from the Cookbook “Persiana“.


This was more like a quarantine fever – everyone’s making it, why aren’t we? And it turned out that its quite a simple and quick recipe to be made at home. It probably just needs a little bit of planning in the sense that you need to soak chickpeas overnight in water and baking soda. Most of the recipes ask for canned chickpeas but I prefer not using canned foods to the extent possible. Added a bit of smoked red pepper on top for some additional flavor.

Recipe taken from the Cookbook “Persiana“.

Chole Chaat

What do you do when you have a tonne of boiled chickpeas left since you underestimated the amount of hummus that will be made? You turn into a chaat, of course!

Recipe inspired by leftovers in the fridge or lack of mental calculations while reading a recipe.

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