Day 91 | 27 June

Ma’s special Momos and Chilli Sauce

This has probably been the biggest challenge of the 100 days – more of a psychological one. I am yet to have any Momos that can match what my Ma makes at home and she makes it for ten people at any given time. Cooking for 2 felt like enough of an achievement!! I may have put a little bit more ghee than what would have been essential as the dough kept stretching and sticking but ultimately the fold didn’t break and the momos didn’t burst. The trick was to make sure you take out all the water from the vegetable filling by constant rinsing the vegetables.

In my opinion, a Momo is as good as the Chilli Chutney that accompanies it. V obviously needed a milder version. And since I made so much of it, they are now being preserved as ice cubes.

Recipe taken from Ma.

V also made his favorite Beer Bread, after two failed attempts of making Sourdough (not pictured).

Cumin Roasted Carrots with Honey Lemon Dressing and Feta Cheese, Grapefruit, Mint and Gin Fizz, and Coconut Water Coolers

One of my favorite salads – its amazing how just simply roasting carrots with cumin seeds, honey and lemon makes them so flavorful. This was part of our decadent three course quarantine picnic spread with our friend A, along with a selection of Grapefruit, Mint and Gin Fizz and Coconut Water Coolers. The remaining two courses were leftovers of the Eggplant salad and Asparagus from the day before (cheating-so not pictured).

Recipe taken from the Cookbook “Persiana“.

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