Day 92 | 28 June

Vegetable Stew, Pepper Fry and Mango Shrikhand

Since the folks in Delhi were having an Appam Party with Vegetable Stew and Pepper Fry, we didn’t want to be left out, so this was our version sans Appams (no appam maker!). And since missing home in summer also means missing Alphonsos, we made Mango Shrikhand out of mango pulp.

Recipe taken from V’s Mother.


The man behind the amazing drinks and desserts in the house.

Mushroom and Capsicum Omelette with Banana-Chocolate-Walnut-Dates Milkshake

One of those omelettes where you have leftover chopped green peppers from last night’s dinner and cheese and mushroom waiting to be thrown into something hearty.

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