Day 93 | 29th June

Urad Dal Puree with Hot and Sour Eggplant

The Nopi Cookbook starts with the disclaimer that these recipes are meant to be made in a restaurant kitchen. I obviously disregarded it – how hard could it be! But as with any Ottolenghi recipe, it had many steps and I messed up the most crucial one of deep frying eggplants. I didn’t pay attention to the towel lining the fried eggplants and since eggplants soak a lot of oil, I ended up with a pool of oil in my final hot and sour eggplant curry. So a good word of advice: soak as much oil as you can from the eggplants before you mix them with the rest of the masala. I didn’t have white urad dal but it tasted good (if I ignored the oil). Think folks back home would have called it khichdi but lets stick with Puree for now, since it was actually pureed in a mixer grinder.

Recipe taken from the Cookbook “Nopi“.

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