Day 4 | 1st April

Lauki Stew

When we finally went to the grocery store, still awaiting our delivery, we found the bottle gourds or Lauki in the Indian grocery store. When I looked at it, I kept reminded of this particular way in which lauki is cooked at home, either as an assortment of boiled vegetables with lots of lemon or as a simple curry. I have never been a big fan of either because its been a constant in the house. I decided this would be my challenge for the day – to cook lauki in a way that I would like to eat. The stew was surprisingly simple, made out of yoghurt and made me fall in love with the vegetable again! No challenge yet, so no pictures!

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Day 1 | 29th March

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

This day marks the official start of COVID quarantine/isolation, after a 14-hour flight from Tokyo and making a decision to move across continents in a 48-hour window. We ate a simple meal of pasta with whatever our lovely friends managed to get for us so we could quarantine at home. The move was surreal and tiring. It felt like I had time travelled from being out and about to isolating at home. We didn’t know then that we would want to do a 100 day challenge of cooking something new every day.