Day 81 | 17th June

South Indian Style Mushroom and Peas

I was wondering what combination of vegetables I haven’t had in a while, so thought of mushroom and peas. For some reason, this combination hasn’t ever clicked whenever I have had it. This time with the South Indian Masala twist, it worked.

Recipe inspired by

Day 80 | 16th June

Kaddu ki Sabji (Pumpkin Curry)

What is that one vegetable that you thought you would never make yourself? Well this qualifies for me. Peeling the skin takes forever or maybe I am just an amateur. But once you get past that hurdle, the sweet-tangy flavor takes you back to all those love-hate moments of eating kaddu. For garnish, I roasted the pumpkin seeds for that extra toasted flavor.

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Day 78 | 14th June

Coriander Chicken Curry and Beetroot Raita

I keep going back to that one page in my hand-written recipe book where Mother listed 6 different versions of making Chicken. One was the dhania (coriander/cilantro) version. I was not sure what qualifies as enough dhania but this was super delicious. Topped it up with beetroot raita – oh man, that color.

Recipe inspired by Mother.

Heuvos Rancheros and Cold Coffee

Leftover black beans from dinner means you get to relive Costa Rican holiday where Heuvos Rancheros was my breakfast every day! Cold Coffee version 1, inspired by the folks in Delhi – still can’t seem to get it right.

Day 76 | 12th June

Cheese and Bean Enchiladas

The end of to the Mexican Week with Cheese and Bean Enchiladas. The recipe was super simple and the Enchilada sauce was amazing – saved the leftover sauce to use as a dip!. Also, ended up celebrating the successful defense of my dissertation prospectus!

Recipe inspired by the NYT Cooking.

Midnight Chocolate Cake

While reading Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, a recipe that lingered on my mind was this cake where Samin Nosrat compares the use of oil (for moist cakes) versus butter (rich flavor). Ever since, I nagged V into making it I have fallen in love with this cake. The occasion was perfect too – our friend S’s birthday. Well, we couldn’t get a photo of the whole cake, since it had been demolished to this within seconds.

Recipe inspired by the Cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.

Day 74 | 10th June

Spaghetti Puttanesca Tahdig

One may call it blasphemy! If you read the cookbook, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, then one word that will stick with you is tahdig (burnt edges of a pilau). A coincidence that I saw this recipe in NYT by Samin Nosrat while reading her book. Made it with one of my favorite pasta sauces – Puttanesca. It was a whole new experience! A pasta bake or a cake?

Recipe inspired by NYT Cooking.

Day 65 | 1st June

Beetroot Kanji

Last year, I had it in the most unexpected place – an Indian food truck in rural Vermont by an Indian guy who had written a book on fermentation. The name of the book escapes me now. But Kanji (minus the beetroot) has been a big part of childhood summers, often had with vada. So, I was determined to make my own batch. A week of fermentation and this was potent and just perfect.

Day 63 | 30th May

Green Gazpacho

A perfect recipe for that (very) hot summer day. A blend of greens with some home baked sourdough bread (not pictured).

Recipe taken from the Cookbook “Plenty“.

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Inspired by our healthy friends in London, we decided to attempt baking these poppy seed muffins. Coincidentally, it was also a friend’s birthday so it made for a perfect occasion with us gorging on them over Zoom!

Day 62 | 29th May

Mirza Ghasemi,with whisky sour

The only vegetarian dish I could find during my first visit to an Iranian restaurant in Watertown last year was Mirza Ghasemi. I fell in love with the dish then so I came back home to look through my Persiana Cookbook to see if they had a recipe. And it did! A favorite eggplant version with Naan.

Recipe taken from the Cookbook “Persiana“.

Day 36 | 3rd May

Corn Pizza Toast

Really just wanted to use an old packet of frozen corn!

Kimchi Pancakes with Gin and White Wine Sour

The only time I had it previously was 10 years ago. When we found a bottle of Kimchi that was about to expire, we decide to experiment. To be honest, it looked prettier than it tasted. The insides remained uncooked, so next time I would be more careful about the thickness of the pancakes and probably use a better pan.

Recipe from the NYT Cooking.

Day 35 | 2nd May

Indian Street Food Fest with Gol Gappe, Aloo Tikki Chaat, Sweet Corn and Gin and Red Wine Sour

There is no dinner like a table full of different kinds of chaat. This was nostalgia given folks back home were raving about one such night of their own. Any trip to Delhi is incomplete without a trip to Nathu Sweets (forever loyal) and stuffing my face with Gol Gappas, Bhelpuri, Aloo Tikki Chaat and Papdi Chaat. An ode to all those times!